Liar Liar

I just recently watched “Liar Liar” which stars comedian Jim Carrey. In short, the film is about a little boy who makes a birthday wish for his (lawyer) father not to lie for exactly 24 hours. This movie made me think of the way humans lie to make things more efficient, smoother, and better in general. There is a persona that we each take on when we step out into the real world in which we may say things we don’t truly mean. For example, when Fletcher, the main character, enters his work place, he is able to automatically hide his first initial thought which is usually the hard truth and tell each person he encounters a white lie to make them feel good.

It was really fascinating to watch his character destroy all of the relationships he had made by simply being honest and giving his true opinion. He became relieved at the end when he didn’t have to continue with the same lies and is able to be an honest man. Really made me reflect and think whether I was living a similar life to the man at the beginning of the movie or the end. . .

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